SDL provides complex testing services to the healthcare and research sectors Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company provides KFSH&RC products, services, and processes to the industry.  It has also engaged in diagnostic surveys of genes, which has increased the level of awareness of genetic diseases in the country.  

The company has also forged partnerships with the private sector to strengthen its position in the private sector and has proudly contributed to the localization of many complex tests that are otherwise sent out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through gathering national tests. 

Lines of Business

  • Genetic testing services through cooperation with the KFHS&RC Genome Centre provides more than 164 types of complex tests.  These tests assist specialists in diagnosing genetic conditions and patient prognosis.  Distinguished cadres are employed in the genetic laboratories with a high degree of competence and training in this field. 
  • Marketing services for examinations and services of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC):  SDL markets all laboratory services at KFSH&RC which amount to more than 3,500 examinations.  This strongly helps meet the demand of both government and private sector hospitals, specifically in the field of specialized and accurate medical examinations that are the main contributor in the diagnosis of chronic and malignant diseases.  These samples are also examined by specialists with the highest standards of professionalism and internationally recognized levels.
  • Newborn screening services:  The national program that screens newborns for early detection of genetic and metabolic diseases that may lead to the occurrence of rare and serious medical conditions that may affect the development of the child.  This screening detects 17 different diseases, the discovery of which may prevent disability or death.
  • Non-human specimen testing services in cooperation with KFSH&RC non-human testing lines, specifically for horses, camels, and falcons.  The laboratory aims to examine purebred and camel horse pedigrees, and to detect the use of illegal substances.