TGL is a group of subsidiaries under KFSHI that provide the following key products & services: 

  • Radiopharmaceutical services include the sale of radiopharmaceutical isotopes produced by the KFSH&RC Cyclotron, which are crucial for diagnostic, therapeutic, and research purposes.  The company supplies national hospitals their needs in nuclear medicine and aims to export to the GCC as well.  The latest development is a trade deal with the Ministry of Health of UAE and Bahrain to supply the two countries with radiopharmaceuticals.  The company has also started to import stable radiopharmaceutical products that are ingenious and in demand.
  • Tele radiology services provide complex tertiary readings in Saudi Arabia and internationally through KFSH&RC doctors on an ingenious e-platform linked to hospitals in need of this service.  The service allows for the transferring the images with reserving its quality to be screened by qualified radiology consultants specialized in rare or complex specializations.  The service is fully exportable and is aligned with the Vision of 2030 that aims to reduce wastage and to bridge the gap of availability of highly trained radiology specialists.  The services are tertiary readings covering all the radiology modalities such as MRI, CT, US, Nuclear Medicine, and other subspecialties.