Ultimately, KFSHI’s mandate will be to act as an incubator for commercialization/strategic investments approved by the KFSH&RC’s investment committee.

KFSHI will support the overall KFSH&RC vision and investment strategy by incubating strategic investments in healthcare and related sectors thereby contributing to KFSH&RC’s financial sustainability

  1. Plan: Assess go/ no-go of each business opportunity by evaluating the feasibility study prepared by the Investment committee
  2. Launch: Hire key stakeholders, develop operational plan, create legal foundation of the subsidiary, transfer funds and assist with other early-stage support
  3. Incubate: Provide the subsidiary with business services like HR, Finance, IT and other support to run day-to-day operations
  4. Grow: Support the subsidiary in reaching a mature stage by providing strategic and operational direction and guidance along with clear business targets
  5. Exit: Assess the various exit options for the subsidiary and support in execution of the chosen option
  6. Monitor: Monitor and evaluate the subsidiaries performance throughout the value-chain.