King Faisal Specialist Hospital International Holding Company (KFSHI) is a private enterprise that was established as the investment arm for King Faisal Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC). It supports the overall KFSH&RC vision and commercialization/investment strategy, by pursuing profitable strategic investments in healthcare and related sectors thereby contributing to KFSH&RC financial sustainability. KFSHI incubates start-ups that commercialize for KFSH&RC renowned products and services. Additionally, it creates venture partnerships with investors to expand the spectrum of the healthcare value chain

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Saudi Diagnostic Limited

Medical Services

Laboratory Services

Service Marketing and Operations

Al Takassusi General Company Limited

Medical and technical services

Radiology and Health Technology Services

Service Marketing and Operations

Allergy Drug Technology Limited Company

Medicines and medical reagents


Product Marketing and Manufacturing

Altakassusi Alliance Medical

Medical services

Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology

Product Marketing and Manufacturing

Our clients

King Faisal Specialist Hospital International Holding Company has provided its services to a wide range of clients, as the number of our clients reaches more than 180 clients in various sectors, including governmental and semi-governmental as well as the private sector.